Quick Start Guide

First off, make sure you have followed the Installation and Configuration guide step by step.

If you have successfully installed ORCA then we can go ahead and try out one of the examples to get things up and running. To do so we will launch the example: 06-trajectory_following (more info here: Minimum jerk Cartesian trajectory following)

This example assumes you have Gazebo >=8.0 installed on your machine. If not please follow the Gazebo tutorial for your system (http://gazebosim.org/tutorials?cat=install) and rebuild the ORCA library.

Once you have Gazebo, to launch the example open a terminal and run:

06-trajectory_following [path_to_orca]/examples/resources/lwr.urdf


Make sure to replace [path_to_orca] with the real path to the ORCA repo on your system.

Now, open a second terminal and run:


If everything goes well then you should see the robot moving back and forth like this:


What’s next?

Check out Where to go from here? for more info.