Where to go from here?

Check out the examples

A number of examples have been included in the source code to help you better understand how ORCA works and how you can use it. The examples are grouped based on the concepts they demonstrate. We also provide some examples for using 3rd party libraries together with ORCA.

Want to use ORCA in you project?

Check out the Using ORCA in your projects page for information on how to include the ORCA library into your next control project.

Check out the API Documentation

You can find the Doxygen generated API documentation at the following link: API Documentation. This will help you navigate the ORCA API for your projects.

ROS or OROCOS user?

We have written ROS and OROCOS wrappers for the ORCA library and done most of the heavy lifting so you can get started using the contoller right away. To learn more about these projects please check out their respective pages:

ORCA_ROS: https://github.com/syroco/orca_ros


RTT_ORCA: https://github.com/syroco/rtt_orca (Compatible with ORCA < version 2.0.0)